Advanced Design and Manufacturing Lab

Trinity College of Engineering triumphantly reached another milestone by developing an Advanced Design and Manufacturing Lab (ADML) in the campus.On 13th May, 2015 befitting National Technology Day Dr. UTS Pillai, Senior scientist, CSIR inaugurated the venture 2015 at Trinity college. ADML focuses on enriching the engineering and technology students by giving them ample opportunity to know more about manufacturing machines and tools relevant for the current generation. ADML basically functions on the theme of research and development. Hence, the aspiring young techies would be encouraged to put their skills on research in the field of manufacturing. .

The main objectives of ISTE are Formulate the general goals and responsibilities of technical education, Modify curriculum and educational processes to changing conditions, Develop effective teachers and educational administrators and Enhance professional ideals and standards.

The main activities that are doing under ISTE faculty chapter are Curriculum development & updating, STTPs for engineering teachers and practicing engineers and Seminars/workshops/conferences on topics of relevance of technical education.