Indian Society for Technical Education

Trinity Faculty chapter was inaugurated by Dr. B. Anil, Former ISTE Kerala Section Chairman and Principal, Govt. Engineering College Barton Hill on 7/01/2015. Indian society for technical education (ISTE) has been playing a lead role in the technological development of the country through its effective intervention in the process of teaching and learning, research, extension services and public relations in particular, in the fields of engineering and technology, architecture and town planning, pharmacy, management etc. since 1976. ISTE, a leading non-profit making professional body is having a good reputation in the field of technical education and it strives hard to cultivate a fraternal spirit among teachers in the field of technical education all over India.

The main objectives of ISTE are Formulate the general goals and responsibilities of technical education, Modify curriculum and educational processes to changing conditions, Develop effective teachers and educational administrators and Enhance professional ideals and standards.

The main activities that are doing under ISTE faculty chapter are Curriculum development & updating, STTPs for engineering teachers and practicing engineers and Seminars/workshops/conferences on topics of relevance of technical education.