Dr. Ramesh Unnikrishnan, Director of AICTE visited our campus. After an interaction with the students in which he spoke of the need to develop additional relevant skills to be ready for the real world, he was kind enough to hold an exclusive session for the faculty. Dr. Unnikrishnan stressed how campuses outside Kerala have a culture of being active 24 hours so that projects, research and development proceed with great enthusiasm and vigor. With our on-campus companies and weekend skills development courses, Trinity is steadily achieving a culture of round the clock operation

Civil Engineering department had a great year with numerous subject experts and industry specialists visiting the department and interacting with the students. Dr Sudarshan Raman, Senior Lecturer, National University of Malaysia was the keynote speaker for the international conference. He delivered his keynote address on “High Performance Concrete.” Ar Sajan, Joint Director COSTFORD delivered a lecture on Bamboo Construction. Dr. Jayamohan, Principal, LBCW,TVM spoke on Geotechnical Engineering at the conference. Department had a great interactive session with Mr Praveen KR, Geologist from Geological Survey of India on “Engineering Geology Demo and explanation.” Mrs. Rekha, founder of Royal Arch, delivered a talk on entrepreneurship in Civil Engineering. Mr. Shibu K of CET delivered a guest lecture on Sustainable Engineering.

Training Centres like CAAD Centre, CADHome, Synergy Technical Solutions and Intercad gave sessions on software used in Civil Engineering and structural engineering like Primavera, BIM, Rivet, Autocad etc.

For ECE students, Network solutions conducted a class on VLSI based system and a GATE exam orientation was conducted by Plasma Academy.

For ECE students, Network solutions conducted a class on VLSI based system and a GATE exam orientation was conducted by Plasma Academy.

EEE dept immensely benefitted from the visit of experts from the industry this year. S7 and S5 EEE students attended a talk on Cloud Computing conducted by CMS Info Services, Trivandrum on 1 2 /0 8 /2 0 1 6 . Students g o t familiarized with different concepts of cloud computing and its real world applications. Mr. Ajumal Khan (Training consultant Speridian Technologies, Techno park) had an interactive session with S3 EEE students. It was a two hour session, students were engaged with presentation, group discussion and group activities to develop their Soft Skills

Mr. Joseph V K, Chief Engineer, Commercial and Tariff, KSEB delivered a talk on ‘Role of Electrical Engineers in the society’. Mr. Bipin Sankar, Deputy Chief Engineer, KSEB, delivered a talk on ‘ Harmonics, sources and mitigation’. Mr. Bhuvanendra Prasad, Chief Engineer( Projects, Electrical System), KSEB, delivered a talk on ‘ Ongoing Projects under KSEB’

High profile visitors to the Mechanical engineering dept included Dr. Valliyappan David Natarajan, the head of research, University of Technology MARA, Malaysia. He delivered a talk on the topic "Stimulation of Beta Brainwave Rhythm using Isochronic Tones".

Mrs. Shajiha M, Scientist, LPSC delivered a talk on the topic "Role of Mechanical Engineers in Space programme".

Dr. K C C Nair interacted with second year Mechanical students on starting up on campus. Dr. Nair also spent time with few of our students from S4 Mechanical and Civil at Mitraniketan as part of Rural Innovators Meet.

Rajiv TK, expert trainer and founder of Suprajiv had an interactive session with second year students.

Amanda deWinter, a study coach from UK, interacted with our students and faculty on study techniques. Her husband, founder CEO of Datapowa also visited our campus.