Society of Automotive Engineers

SAE International is the premier world resource for the design, manufacturing, operation, and maintenance of automobiles, aircraft, and space vehicles. The Chapter was formed by students from all branches of Engineering. SAE Trinity chapter was inaugurated on 03/09/2016 with the aim of providing the students an exposure to the current trends in automobile engineering.

SAE Collegiate chapter currently involves 70 student members. For the upcoming academic calendar Trinitians are planning many vibrant projects under the banner of SAE. One of them includes the design, analysis and fabrication of an EFFICYCLE (Efficient Cycle). The project is undertaken by our third semester Mechanical students under the guidance of Assistant Professor Vipin Gopan. The fifth semester students are building a racing car under the guidance of Assistant Professor Chandrasekhar.

SAE Trinity chapter organizes different activities like:

Auto Quiz

Auto Expo

Industrial Visits

Technical Presentations