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Civil engineering: Build your dreams.

Civil Engineering, the oldest branch of engineering, came into existence as soon as human beings thought about their primary necessities: food, clothing, and shelter. It is safe to say that Civil engineers created ‘Civilization’ for mankind. It began when humans started to build sheltering homes. There were only two types of engineering in the beginning: Military engineering and Civil engineering. Later on other branches originated like Mechanical and Electrical engineering.

Did you know Civil engineering is also called the “Mother of Engineering”?

Civil engineers focus on the infrastructure of the world. They shape the nation and contribute to the standard of living.

What do civil engineers work on? What kind of projects do they take up?

Well, all construction such as buildings, dams, bridges, roads, water supply systems, tunnel transportation, etc, are all the works of civil engineers. They are responsible for planning and creating such projects. 

The following are some of the specializations in civil engineering:

  1. Environment engineering.
  2. Transportation engineering.
  3. Structural engineering.
  4. Geotechnical engineering.
  5. Water resource engineering.
  6. Construction engineering.

Civil engineering has now become one of the most demanding and thriving career options around.

Why is civil engineering a suitable career choice?

Civil engineers literally built all the infrastructure surrounding us and their demand is unlikely to change in days to come. With the increase in population, the demand increases, taking your career to a new highway. But also keep in mind that any construction project also requires the services of Mechanical, Electrical and these days Electronics & IoT engineers as well. 

Trinity College in Trivandrum offers a civil engineering course that aims to create a group of practical, skilled engineers who can fulfill the responsibilities of the present and future generations. Trinity’s parent company Al Adrak is one of the largest construction conglomerates in the Middle East. Our Chairman and Managing Director, Dr. Thomas Alexander, who founded Al Adrak more than three decades ago,  is himself a Civil Engineer. The supporting offices of Adrak India like CAD services operate in Trinity campus providing our students exposure to world-class engineering in different fields.

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