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E- Learning; Transforming education

Did we ever imagine completing our education without being physically present at the institution? 


With the students being in the comfort of their homes for greater durations, digital learning has become the new gateway of education. The pandemic has transformed the traditional way of teaching into a technology-driven model. Earlier, e-learning was not shown the green flag in general, as it meant the absence of the human touch necessary for learning. However, due to COVID-19, e-learning proved to be the best medium in the corporate sector and in the education sector. Institutions that use e-learning technologies are one step ahead of those that still have the traditional approach towards learning. 


Can E-learning transform the educational sector ? 


E-Learning has already transformed the educational sector over the past year. It is said that when students learn through experiences, the learning stays with them. Therefore, incorporating videos and simulations into the learning process bridges the gap between traditional learning and e-learning. To facilitate smooth learning online, institutions have to create the necessary IT infrastructure so that teachers and students are comfortable in using digital platforms and tools. 


Teaching and learning altogether get converted into a smoother yet effective method. Further, it enhances the learning specifically for the complicated topics that demand higher levels of understanding.


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