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Entrepreneurship; why should we start from college?

Being a college student, living on the edge with heaps of projects, quizzes, dissertations, rarely having time to eat, and a few glimpses of social media on the side. Should I consider starting a business?

Well, it’s now or never. We might be advised to focus only on studies and keep further plans for the future! But the learning and planning process should go hand-in-hand. There will be challenges of balancing studies and business. We might have to sacrifice a few activities of pleasure such as hobbies, partying, social media, hanging out with friends, etc.

One of the reasons why college is the best time to start a business is that the campus has experts and professionals in the field ie the professors. They will always be available for their students giving free consultation without charging a single penny.

Innovative ideas can also be generated within the college itself among peers or anyone else because colleges allow us to strike up conversations with anyone. College is surrounded by young, talented, and creative minds. It provides a great opportunity to pursue ideas and start taking small steps towards entrepreneurship. 

Even if you fail, you can always graduate and start again! One is never too old to start anything new. 

Trinity College of engineering in Kerala is the perfect avenue for your engineering passion. It has been ranked as the top college for innovations and entrepreneurship over the years. It provides the platform to grow, self-direct, and become independent in your life. The campus hosts a number of companies that are mostly owned by faculty teams. They provide dozens of opportunities to learn, expand and grow. 



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