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Hostel Life

A hostel is not just a place to live in, it’s an emotion. For those who have stayed in hostels, it’s the most nostalgic part of student life. Hostel life teaches a disciplined way of life. An important lesson we can learn from the hostel is social acquaintance with others. We will learn to share things with others, to be independent and how to interact with people from different social atmospheres.

As you conduct your college search so many questions are bound to come up. Finding a college with great hostel life is important. 

Why I Love My College Hostel.

Trinity has separate hostel facilities for boys and girls. We have a common mess serving with different flavors. One of the specialties of our hostel is that it is surrounded by hills and greenery, in the lap of nature.

The hostel has a well-furnished room with different occupancies. Both boys hostel and girls hostel have strict discipline and study schedules under the guidance of the hostel warden. Students staying at our hostel are provided with sumptuous food.

Seniors and juniors are accommodated on different floors. Trinity is a campus without any ragging.

There is a cleaning schedule to minimize hazards that come from leftover food and other things that can be breeding grounds for germs. Rooms are cleaned on a daily basis. Washrooms are well maintained.

Separate purified water is provided for drinking. Borewell water facility is provided for purposes other than drinking. Round-the-clock security is provided to the hostel for the safety of the students. 

Day scholar students are allowed for night classes and combined studies. On festivals and special occasions, the hostel comes alive with music, dance, and special dinners. 

The best part of hostel life is meeting and becoming friends with such a diverse set of youngsters. Our habits are so different. Even in something as simple as doing laundry, we can see the huge diversity. There are those who meticulously wash their clothes daily. Then there are the weekenders who make washing a weekend ritual. And we might even find a few who make their home visits mostly to get their laundry done 🙂 

~ From Trinity Hostelites.

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