Trinity Hills, Naruvamoodu P.O, TVM- 695528

Anantha Lekshmi M L
Assistant professor
Department of Civil Engineering

Ms. Anantha Lekshmi received her B.Tech degree in Civil Engineering from PRS College of Engineering, Trivandrum. Her Masters degree was from A.R College of Engineering, Thenkasi in Structural Engineering. She is pursuing her Ph.D from Noorul Islam University in the field of Energy Efficiency in Buildings

Teaching experience: 3 years

Research Interests: Energy efficiency in buildings, Nano concrete, Bamboo technology, Structural engineering, Green concrete .

Funded Projects


  1. Anantha Lekshmi, “Advanced Structural Health monitoring & improved Sustainability” – ICTIMEMIC 2018
  2. Anantha Lekshmi, “ Green Concrete- For The  Future -A Review” (Nov 21st 2015) ISTE 26th Annual State Convention.
  3. Anantha Lekshmi, “Experimental Analysis on Nano Metakaolin added cement concrete sturtures”
  4. Anantha Lekshmi. M. L, Y. Stalin Jose, Experimental on Improving Thermal Comfort of Building using Locally Available Biomass Wastes, International Journal of Recent Technology and Engineering (IJRTE), ISSN: 2277-3878, Volume-X, Issue-X, July 2019, Pages 145-50.
  5. Anantha Lekshmi. M. L, Y. Stalin Jose Thermal Performance of Building Components Insulating by Polystyrene Material Via Optimal Machine Learning, International Journal of Engineering and Advanced Technology (IJEAT), ISSN: 2249 – 8958, Volume-X, Issue-X, Page No1614-1621.
  6. Anantha Lekshmi. M. L, Y. Stalin Jose, Comparative Analysis of Thermal Comfort in a building using Energy efficient material, Journal of Green Engineering (JGE), Volume 10, Issue 5, May 2020, Page No 2191-2211. (SCOPUS INDEXED)
  7. Anantha Lekshmi. M. L, Y. Stalin Jose, An Analytical and experimental Study on Uprising the Thermal efficiency of buildings Using easily accessible Biomass , Solid State Technology, Volume 63, Issue 2s, Publication Year: 2020, Page No. 3275-88
  8. Anantha Lekshmi. M. L, Y. Stalin Jose, Thermal performance of building components insulating by polystyrene material via optimal machine learning, Oxidation Communications 44, No.1, 243-256, (2021), Page No. 243-256, (SCOPUS Indexed)
  9. Anantha Lekshmi. M. L, Y. Stalin Jose, Thermal performance evaluation of fiber reinforced concrete treated with eco-friendly addictives , Materials today:ELSEVIER, July 2021 https: // proceedings (SCOPUS Indexed)

International & National Conferences

  1. The International Conference on Recent Innovations in Engineering Science and Technology (RIET) 2014 organized by Travancore Engineering College, Ooyur .
  2. International Conference on Recent Innovations in Civil Engineering and Sustainable Development (RICESD) 2015 organized by Trinity College of Technology, Trivandrum.
  3. 26th State Annual Convention of ISTE organized by Indian Society for Technical Education conducted in Mohandas College of Engineering, Trivandrum
  4. Anantha Lekshmi. M. L, Y. Stalin Jose, ”Thermal Performance of Building Envelope by Polystyrene material Via optimal Machine learning” ,in the Third international Conference on Emerging Trends in Civil Engineering & Architecture ETCEA 2k18, organized by Department of Civil Engineering, Trinity College of Engineering , Trivandrum, 13 March 2018
  5. Anantha Lekshmi. M. L, Y. Stalin Jose, Participated and presented a paper entitled “Advanced Structural health monitoring & improved Sustainability.” In the International Conference Technology Innovation in Mechatronics, Energy Management & Intelligent Communication 2018 at Lourdes Matha College of Science and Technology, Kuttichal, Trivandrum, 26th – 27th April 2018

Workshops Attended

  1. Training programme on “Sustainable Engineering” organized by KTU at CET (Junuary 17- 19 ,2015)
  2.  Two day programme on “Art and skill of writing project reports & publishing Journals (November 7 th & November 8th  2015)
  3. STTP on “Advanced tool boxes in MATLAB for optimization conducted at CET (November 26-28,2015)
  4.  Four day workshop on “Bamboo Technology” at GEC Barton hill( November  30-December 3,2015)
  5. Three day NSS State Level Camp on the theme “Gender Equality” organized in Trinity Engineering college, 15th January 2016


  1. RERA- A knowledge Colloquim organized by International centre for Intellectual training and Empowerment (INCITE) (22 October 2016)



Courses handled

Design of Concrete Structures, Construction Technology, Design & Engineering,  Engineering Mechanics, Introduction to Civil Engineering, Structural Analysis 1, Structural Analysis 2, Concrete Technology & Advanced Construction, Construction Engineering & Management, Basics of Civil Engineering, Engineering Geology, Introduction to Sustainable Engineering

Labs handled

Strength of materials lab, Civil engineering workshop, Surveying lab.