Trinity Hills, Naruvamoodu P.O, TVM- 695528

Electrical & Electronics Engineering

Welcome to the department of Electrical and Electronics Engineering. We design engineers of next generation. We believe in quality teaching which we provide here with the best expertise. With the sheer hard work and enthusiasm of the faculty members and students this department is the best in the campus. Here we make sure that calibre of the students in both academics and extracurricular activities to be the best. Within the four year undergraduate programme we make students capable of being professional in every possible way.

From the very beginning itself we provide the insight of the latest technologies arising around the world which inspire our students in bringing up their innovative ideas. We make sure that each and every student undertakes a research programme. The course syllabus is so structured that it provides the students with a strong background in the broad areas of electrical and electronics engineering which include communication technology, control technology, electronics and power &energy. A strong exposure to state of the art technologies is further provided through elective courses that are carefully designed for the interested students. The faculty members have strong sense of responsibility to provide the finest possible education. Immense and vast technologies of electrical and electronics makes it more job oriented department.

Department Staff

Mr. Rakesh R
Assistant Professor & Head of the Department
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Dr. Sreekanth S
Assistant Professor & Assistant HOD
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Mrs. Indu V G
Assistant professor & Department Coordinator
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Mrs. Anuvinda S M
Assistant Professor & S6 Coordinator
Mrs. Sabitha A R
Assistant Professor
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Mrs. Teena V S
Assistant Professor (S4 Coordinator)
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Ms. Sabitha S A
Assistant Professor & S8 Coordinator


Electrical CAD

Final Year students are undergoing a course on Electrical CAD conducted by Lines and circles, Trivandrum. They have successfully completed the initial phase on AutoCAD.