Trinity Hills, Naruvamoodu P.O, TVM- 695528

Mr. Deepu Sajeev

B.Tech degree in Mechanical Production Engineering from Sree Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering and Masters Degree in Industrial Engineering from College of Engineering Trivandrum (CET) University of Kerala.


Mr. Deepu Sajeev received his B.Tech degree in Mechanical Production Engineering from Sree Chitra Thirunal College of Engineering Tvm. His Masters degree was from College of Engineering Trivandrum (CET). Specialized in Industrial Engineering. He is heading the IEDC, Trinity College of Engineering.

Teaching Experience: 6 years

Industrial Experience: 5 months

Research Interests: Additive Manufacturing, Manufacturing Technology, Entrepreneurship Development


  1. Deepu Sajeev, Vinod M, “Implementation Of Six Sigma Methodology In A Blood Bag Manufacturing Company”International Journal Of Innovative Research In Science, Engineering And Technology [IJIRSET] pp. 754-763, Vol 2, Special Issue 1, December 2013.
  2. Deepu Sajeev, “Review   on   Functional   Principles   and   Benefits   of   Additive “ International journal of research in Mechanical Engineering, Vol.4, Issue 3, pp. 207-213, 2016.
  3. Deepu Sajeev, Sravan M K , Joseph Nikhil, Sreejith B S ,”Supply Chain Risk Identification and Mitigation Strategy Selection in Manufacturing Industry” International Journal of Research in Mechanical Engineering, Conference Special Issue-2017

International Conference

  1. The International Conference on Innovative Approaches in Mechanical Engineering and Management Studies (IAMM) 2016 & 2017 organized by Trinity College of Engineering, Trivandrum,
  2. International Conference On Materials Mechanics And Management [IMMM 2014] at CET, Trivandrum, Ker
  3. International Conference On Energy And Environment [ICEE 2013] at RIT Kottayam,


Short Term Course

  1. STP on Entrepreneurship Development conducted by Entrepreneurship Development Institute of India.
  2. CNC Part Programming & Machining conducted by Kinesys, Certified from Centre for Trade Testing & Certification of Skilled Workers (CTTC).


  1. Entrepreneurship Development workshop for trainers conducted by ICT Tamilnadu at Amal Jyoti College of Engineering.
  2. Design Thinking Workshop conducted by Kerala Startup Mission at Marian College of Engineering.

Workshop Handled

  1. Took Workshops on Entrepreneurship Development at LBS institute of Technology for Women, John Cox Institute and at Pankajakasturi College of Engineering & Technology.
  2. Took a Technical Talk at The Institute of Engineers (India) on ‘Review on Functional Principles and Benefits of Additive Manufacturin
  3. Took a  technical  talk  on  Additive  Manufacturing  and  its  importance  in  Project Prototyping at Sarabhai Institute of Science and Technology.
  4. Took hands on workshops on 3D Printing at Muslim Association College of Engineering , Lourdes Matha College of Engineering and Technology and also at Trinity College of Engineering


  1. Trained Trainer in Entrepreneurship Development, certified from The United Nations Conference on Trade and Development (UNCTAD) Empretec.

Courses Handled

  1. Engineering Graphics
  2. Principles of Management
  3. Machine Drawing
  4. Production Technology
  5. Machine Tools
  6. Manufacturing Technology

Labs Handled

  1. Production Lab (Machine Shop)
  2. FM Lab
  3. CAD Lab