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A few guidelines to find internship

Some of you may think that internships do not count because they are not regular paid jobs, but the work experience that you get during your college time is important. Adding internship experience to your resume is a great way to show how you spent time in college. Some companies and organizations offer jobs based on your internship performance.


Having multiple internships is beneficial since it broadens your job experience and expands your professional network. Furthermore, completing many traineeships gives you access to a larger pool of people in your domain.


  • The first step for an internship is to know what you are looking for.


  • Don’t be afraid to contact employers with your CV to express interest in an internship in their company. You will not only find an internship that you love, but  also get a leg up in the application process for your dream job. You can also keep in touch with the person working over there, which will further help to know about job openings.


  • Search online websites. Online sites allow students to limit their search by subject, location, and type of internship. Once you know where to find internships, use internship finders, job fairs, and networks.


  • Colleges often host career fairs, which also include multiple internships.  If you are a student, ask your college administration/ career services office / placement cell to conduct career fairs. Career fairs are a good way to find an internship as you can get a personal impression before the potential employers, and also can clarify your doubts regarding the opportunities.


  • Do not be afraid to tell your family, acquaintances, and teachers that you are looking for an internship. Ask for contact information from all sources which will eventually help you to achieve your goal.


  • While getting an internship in a large company is impressive, getting an internship in a small, local company will also add much more value to your resume. An internship in a small company with fewer applicants increases your chances of finding a job.


  • Choose colleges that offer you internships and short-term courses as a part of their curriculum. It helps in enhancing your practical knowledge and industrial experience. Classroom learning is conceptual, and the best internships help students to apply their academic concepts in real-world work situations. Trinity College of Engineering, Trivandrum offers internships that equip the students with hands-on engineering skills.






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